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Additional Functions (“Nebentätigkeiten”)

Purpose of this Document

The purpose of this document is to give a voluntary declaration of the money I am earning while at the same time being paid by the taxpayers of Switzerland. While I am making an effort to keep this list correct and up-to-date, it can not be used as an official statement of my income through additional functions.

Declaration of Additional Functions

8/2014–todayConsecom AGCHF 0.00
Why this page?

This page was inspired by a person inquiring about my additional income at my current employer, the Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften. Without giving any reasons (which is in fact not necessary), this person inquired whether I was a full-time employee at ZHAW, whether I earned any money in addition to my job there, and whether I had permission from ZHAW to do so. Since this is deemed personal information, I was asked whether I was OK with releasing it. I essentially said, “If the person would tell me why he wants that information, I probably would tell him, but it seems as if the person just wants to satisfy his curiosity, so I'm saying no.”

The officials told me that my response could have no bearing on their ultimate decision, since curiosity can never be seen as bad and can never be dismissed as a reason for desiring information.

Now I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the purpose of data-protection laws is precisely to curtail the curiosity of people. If mere curiosity is never bad and can never be used to deny people access to information, what is to stop me from going into my neighbour's flat to see how they have sex? What's to stop me from reading my colleagues' emails? I'm curious! So I decided that their dismissal of my reasoning as irrelevant was in itself irrelevant.

However, that got me thinking. I am paid by taxpayers, so these taxpayers surely have a right to know who else gives me money. For one thing, if I work too much outside of ZHAW, then surely I can't discharge my duties of a full-time empoyee. And ont he other hand, if I'm being paid by industry, then my judgment towards certain products may be clouded and I might not be independent any more. So I decided to publish this information voluntarily.

Therefore please understand that this is not an official statement by ZHAW, nor is it an official statement for tax purposes. I try to keep this statement accurate and up-to-date, and if I mess it up and you know about an error, please tell me and I'll correct it.